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Evil Penguin Labs' Journal

9th February, 2006. 9:00 am. Birthday Massacre, Sunday March 26th(niugnep)

Evil Penguin Labs
in association with Convergence XII
is proud to announce

Convergence XII pre-PRE-party

Birthday Massacre
and a special surprise guest

Sunday Mar 26, 2006
at 9:00 PM
Tickets at door are $10 and available on ticketweb

Howling Wolf
828 South Peters
New Orleans, LA 70130

also, you will be able to buy Convergence tickets and win cool stuff... (Convergence t-shirts, CDs, and possibly one of two tickets to Convergence XII to be given away in the course of the night!)

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22nd July, 2005. 4:13 pm. Dismantled - July 31st(niugnep)

Evil Penguin Labs proudly presents:


Flier behind the cutCollapse )

Sunday July 31st
@ The Whirling Dervish
1135 Decatur St.

Doors open at 10PM, Show starts at 11PM.
Assimilate continues after the show.

$5 - tickets available at the door.

Be sure and tell your friends!

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19th May, 2005. 10:55 am. Hungry Lucy + Bloodwire May 21st(niugnep)

Just a reminder.

Hungry Lucy and Bloodwire
Saturday May 21st
@ The Whirling Dervish
1135 Decatur St

Go to Evil Penguin Labs to hear soundclips and see videos of both bands!

8:00 PM 18+
Cover is $6

Flyer behind cutCollapse )

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17th April, 2005. 11:38 am. This journal is now for show announcements...(niugnep)

So without further ado:

Evil Penguin Labs proudly presents:

Assemblage 23 w/ backandtotheleft

Wednesday, April 20th
@ Twiropa
1544 Tchoupitoulas St.

Doors open at 9PM, show starts at 10PM

$15 - tickets available online now.

Be sure and tell your friends!

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28th January, 2003. 9:44 am. Story boreding(niugnep)

Through with storyboards for "Losing Janice." It runs about 24 pages total and I'm thankful to be through. Doing them is incredibly boring and tedious.

Later today I have a meeting with a scenic painter. I'll see what he thinks of this project and at the very least he can give me some ideas of how to pull off some of the incredibly difficult set challenges.

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23rd January, 2003. 12:15 pm. Location and Character thoughts(niugnep)

Here's a brief outline of what I have in my head:

Location 1 - (Cabin/Cell)

Cabin - Sparsely done, but with some electronics. Very modern looking. One bed, attached to the wall (it folds up into the wall, although that will never be seen). One computer console. One view screen. Various wall mounted object and panels.

Cell - BARE, except for a regular, single bed on a metal frame and a very plain, small, metal desk and chair.

Location 2 - (Hospital Hallway)

(Through his eyes): Dark, smokey, foreign, gray or green color theme. Lots of doors.

(Normally): Well-lit. Looks clean, like a hospital would, but still foreign and gray or green theme.

Location 3 - (Xagr's office)

Futuristic looking. Electronic displays everywhere. An eloquent desk that looks very high tech. Stick with color theme from hallway.

Location 4 - (Galley)

Soft lighting, dimly-lit, lots of open space. View port. Table in center of room. Two chairs. Vase of alien flowers on table.

Okay... some thoughts on the character costumes:

Charles Archer - Plain solid color jumpsuit. Black, laceless shoes.

Janice Archer - Simple, eloquent dress. Slightly futuristic but with classic style. Think bladerunner.

Xagr - Grey, shiny shirt and either black ski pants or wet suit bottoms. Black boots.

Tasf - Near same as Xagr but with different decorations.

Guards - Solid black. Tight shirt with black ski pants. Black boots. Very menacing. Maybe helmets of some type (as long as they don't look like motorcycle helmets).

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16th January, 2003. 3:18 pm. Possible(niugnep)

I'm looking more into this possibility of doing background via a blue or green screen. I now believe that if we light the background with sufficient overhead lights with an amber gel (supposedly because it eliminates bleed) that we will be able to light the actors in any lighting we want. That shadows that reach the screen will be dissolved by the overheads.

I think that's that the plan going forward.

Also, I found some good sites related to effectively lighting a blue screen.


The second site actually has a picture of what I'm talking about.

If this is possible, this will be very sweet.

I don't think the test tonight will effectively demonstrate what we might be able to accomplish with a better camera. The digital camera that we'll actually be doing the test in does not seperate colors like the XL1... which you can see here:

But, we'll try it anyway. If we achieve even an okay shot with a digital background put in with the current equipment that I have, I will be very happy.

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16th January, 2003. 1:41 pm. chroma keys, etc...(el_diavalo)

figured id post these links here for future reference...


http://www.belgerphotography.com/... ( long URL )



niug: i figure... 4x8 pieces of plywood... prime it... then apply chromakey paint and build sets with that

niug: http://www.availablelighting.com/ rents 12'x12' green chroma key fabric for $35/day

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15th January, 2003. 9:30 am. test shooting thurs(el_diavalo)

ok, talked to kelly @ the ark - she said thurs at ~7pm is good, and its $10/hour...

qustions/comments/confirmations/time change?

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9th January, 2003. 10:16 am. New work(niugnep)

We're about to start a new movie project entitled "Losing Janice." It's a sci-fi thriller. Here's a basic summary:

Charles Archer on a mission to the Cygnus System to rescue his wife from an alien plot to murder her is instead captured by the aliens. The aliens seem to be under the impression that Archer is insane and have quite a few surprises in store for him in order to convince him of that fact.

It's a short film. I figure the run time will be around 15 - 20 mins. It's probably going to involve very skilled makeup work, acting against a blue screen and talent CG.

This is quite the ambitious project. I'll keep you posted on the development.

The following people that involved with the movie have been granted posting rights: el_diavalo and tepesh.

I'm very happy and honored that they agreed to come on board.

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